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Santa Cruz Synth Coop is a crowd-sourced user group for synthesis lovers and audio enthusiasts
in the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay area.

We host community events featuring meetups, technical workshops, demos and hands-on labs.

Community: Control Voltage Anonymous

Our quarterly public meetups Control Voltage Anonymous are a pleasant mix of show-and-tell and meet-and-greet. Hosted by Santa Cruz Synth Coop (SCSC) in collaboration with Indigital Studios at their beautiful Westside Santa Cruz, California, recording facility. Bring your headphones and your joy of learning! Check your attitude at the door. Join us to explore new and vintage synthesizers, modular gear, noisemakers, DIY electronics, toys and other hardware devices. Connect with other like-minded musicians and artists and help build Santa Cruz community. Free of charge, but donations/sponsors are appreciated!!

Workshops: Synth Concepts & Sound Design

We strive to provide workshops on synthesis topics which are both educational and entertaining. We bring in local and national talent to present about synthesis concepts and to do hands on demonstrations of particular varieties of synthesis (subtractive, granular, FM), approaches to sound design, production tips and demos of hardware devices. See/play with products from local vendors and regional manufacturers.

Labs: DIY, Circuit Bending, Toys

We also offer occasional hands-on experimental labs lead by SCSC members. These serve as both an open forum for presenting new approaches to prototyping like paper circuitry, as well as an intimate classroom environment where we explore circuit bending, non-traditional human interfaces and produce DIY/homemade electronics or build synth modules. Join us to deepen your understanding of synthesis topics and explore new realms of musical production and expression!

Control Voltage Anonymous

The purpose of Control Voltage Anonymous is to bring together the diverse array of synthesis lovers, electronics enthusiasts and electro-acoustic/electronic musicians all under one roof. Bring your headphones and an open-mind! Prepare yourself for some noise and an expanded worldview. CVA events happen roughly once a quarter, check the event info page for details. The following synth families are represented.


Arguably the most popular modular synth family -- 3U Eurorack format systems

Moog, MOTM & MU

The classic "East Coast" subtrative sound -- 5U Moog format modular systems


For the Frac lovers in the crowd -- small, DIY, Euro-compatible 3U modular systems


Non-linear complex timbres and odd numbers -- the origin of the "West Coast" sound

Vintage & Modern

Traditional keyboards, standalone units, hardwired pathways, samplers and romplers

DIY, Toys & Bent

For those who like to build their own -- or break, modify, destroy others...

Get in touch

If you'd like to be notified about upcoming SCSC events in the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay area please sign-up below. We only email for events and will never sell your info. Crowd-sourced means these events won't happen without people like you! If you'd like to volunteer, lead a workshop, or contribute a synth station at a Control Voltage Anonymous event please let us know about your interest in the message field.

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